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We have series of Answered Questions below.

Q. Who owns Omek Properties and Investment Limited?

A. Dr. Opeoluwa Oloyede

Q. What’s the meaning of OMEK?

A. Omek was coined from initials of the following names (Opeoluwa, Mary, Emmanuella & Korede).

Q. Do you have hidden charges in all your lands?

A. We don’t call it hidden because we do tell our prospects before they buy.

Q. What is the size of your lands?

A. 100 by 50 Feet for residential plot 500Square Meter for Farmland

Q. What types of infrastructure will the developer (Omek Properties) provide?

A. Perimeter fence of the Estate with gate, Graded Earth Road & Security

Q. What other payments do I need to pay apart from the land payment?

A. Payment for Deed, Survey Plan, Land Allocation, and Development Levy

Q. When will my plot(s) of land be allotted to me?

A. (3) to (6) months after full payment of all required payments, subject to readiness for construction

Q. What documents do I get after the complete payment for my land?

A. Receipt, Plot Layout, Letter of Allocation and Deed of Assignment. Subscriber will do C of O in their names by themselves

Q. Is there any building Specification?

A. No, but tenement (“face me I face you”) structures is not allowed

Q. What of if I am not building, can I use my land for investment purpose?

A. You can use your land for investment but you must not be kept for more than 3years to encourage estate growths

Q. What will the development levy be used for?

A. Perimeter fence, gate, graded earth road, security houses, central drainages

Q. is it a must to pay development levy?

A. It depends on the Estate you are buying, though, most of our Estates are with Development Levy but we have some that do not require development levy simply because we are not fencing them.

Q. Can I get a refund of my payment?

A. Any payment above N300,000 can be refunded BUT this will be management decision, and if the management decides to refund, it shall be paid the same way you paid into your bank account starting from 90days after the receipt of the refund request

Q. Can I resell my plot(s) of land/property?

A. You can resell your land if payment of land and charges have been fully paid

Q. Can I pay cash to your staff/Agent/Ambassador?

A. We are not discrediting anyone; we strongly advise that cash should be paid to account of Omek Properties and Investment Limited only. We will not accept any responsibility for any liability that may arise as a result of deviation from instruction.

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